Monday, February 21, 2011


Day 2 – A photo of something you ate today.

Sisters Megan and Whitney are probably gagging right now since they have serious opinions on food photography (and rightfully so, I mean...have you taken a gander at Rookie Cookie? It's beauty-ful).

Dinner at The Ridge. Momma Sue concocted a Pot Pie/Shepherd's Pie thingie, and it was mighty delish. She also cracked open a jar of peaches she canned last year. Yum!

Other happenings at The Homestead...
Samson actually, for reals crawled. Arms moving along with knees and all!

Chatty-chatty-chatted with the mom, sick-face dad, and sick-face Lo.

Cut sick-face dad's hair, and gave little Samsizzle a trim as well in the back. Why is it that the hair growing in from his bald spot is longer than the rest? And slightly curly?

Enjoyed berry crumble and ice cream for dessert. We eat like kings at The Homestead.


Nickell said...

I like these ideas and sometimes want to steal them. The end.

Mal said...

Hey I like that picture. Really.


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