Monday, February 7, 2011

A Friday Night...

...spent at the parents minus Tadd, whom I gave the night off to, to which he celebrated by taking a nap. Whoa, dream big! (Juno, anyone?)

Samson needed to log some much needed time with Grumpa and Gamma. He felt he should survey the backyard that would soon occupy a pool. You know, nod his approval. He needed to let the doggies lick his little face to strengthen their friendship. He needed to let his mother play Scattergories while he slept. And he needed to learn a few things from cousin Addie.

Addie read him books, a favorite past time of his, and also showed him where his pockets were, which made her father very uncomfortable.

Sam tried his hardest to show off his crawling, but still couldn't get his arms to get in on the action. Those knees of his are eager to jump start this new activity, but without his arms cooperation, all he ends up doing is something similar to the worm.

Addie showed him how to properly eat spaghetti. With hands, only holding a spoon as a prop.

She even demonstrated with both spoons most of the time.

Samson did teach Addie one thing in return, and by example. Eat what Mom/Aunt Caitlyn is spooning into your mouth.
Baby food: not just for those under 12 months.

In other news: we lowered Sammy's crib since I know he's 'this close' to getting back on his little bum when he's laying down.

He seems so big today. Maybe it was his sweater vest at church which turned him into an old man, albeit an adorable old man. Then comparing him next to his two new cousins (week old today), he was just huge! I wouldn't be shocked if I found he was going to college tomorrow.
C'est la vie...


Haley said...

I am glad that she could teach him a thing or too. What he can teach to not whine and scream at her mother, how to not throw fits, and how to not make messes. He seems pretty good at all those things.

Keisha said...

he is too cute!


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