Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a Valentine-y Themed Post

With Valentine's Day next week-ish, there are sweet-themed things all over the internet. One site in particular caught my eye.
And I think I'd like all these things, or rather, I know of some people who would appreciate these little trinkets and such.

I would make Tadd an elaborate Valentine's breakfast of toast and Diet Mt Dew if I had this.

Could I wear this on Valentine's? It's just so lovely and spring-y.

And doesn't everyone need a giant plush anatomically correct heart?
Ok, I don't really like this at all.

How romantical would Tadd and I look jamming to Bieber Glee Coldplay together?

Ms. Tiger Lily teapot may just be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I know Mallory would heart this, and any other bacon themed/flavored items.

I've never been to Serendipity, but who hasn't raved about their frozen hot chocolate? With this Tadd and I could experience it at home!


rabidrunner said...

So, the Mo's Bacon Bar? We had Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip pancakes on Christmas morning. They were actually pretty good. There's only a "hint" of bacon.

Keisha said...

I want that scarf!! I'll send you my address so you can get my valentine's day gift off to me asap!

[Morgan] said...

um, i had to read your description to realize that the red stuffed thing was a heart. hmmmmmmm.

that toast thing though, is pre awesome.

Mal said...

So that bacon thing, I would totally love it.


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