Friday, February 11, 2011

Team Effort

A tradition has been born.

Every Monday (or Tuesday in this week's case, oh, and next week's) a few saloon friends and I will be making dinner at my house. I'm pretty much just using them to learn how to cook something other than Ramen. And THEY just think we're hanging out for fun! What fools.

On the menu this week:
Pork Chops with Onion Apricot Sauce
Chicken Parmesan Couscous
Brown-Sugar-Bottom Rolls

Yep, I minced that sage, yes I did.
We made Julie cut the onion since she wears contacts.
Chelsea was in charge of pan searing the chops.

Carmelizing onions. I'm such a chef. But Julie is shocked. Brat.
Well, I guess she shouldn't be that shocked, I did sorta mess up the couscous, which is fundamentally impossible.

Enjoying the "foods" of our labor, picnic style.

Tadd enjoyed the pork chops and the rolls (my, did we ALL love the rolls. I don't think Julie's husband's made it home to him), but do you think he tried the couscous? Absolutely. NOT.

Next week? I think Thai.

1 comment:

Nickell said...

I really love that in so many of your pictures it's a game of "spot the Crest Diet Coke." It's super fun.


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