Friday, February 4, 2011

My Intense, Rapid Typing Wakes Up Tadd

and it doesn't make him very happy.

I have this friend. She is one of a kind. She turned 28 this year and threw herself a lil' party since el husbandero is Ethiopian and hasn't grasped the birthday concept quite yet.

We hit up Tommy Burger (Tadd and Sam had to bow out due to Sam's nap), which is super yummy, then headed over to Celina and Adam's house for Rainbow Chip birthday cake. Can we please make cake balls with this cake mix?

Party hats and noise makers were involved, which brought me back to my younger days when we people threw parties the right way! Makes me want to start planning Samson's 1st birthday party. Maybe even theme it up? Ooo exciting!

Happiest 28th to you!


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