Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8 Months
Some developments over the last month:

.As you can see above, he is a VERY expressive little boy.
.Super ticklish on his back, outer thighs, and tummy.
.Looks at me and smiles when I pull out my camera.
.Jabbers a lot, but no "ma ma", he thinks it's hilarious that I try to get him to say "ma ma".
.Has been saying "da da" the last few week, and Tadd is convinced he knows the association.
.Loves green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and bananas.
.Will only eat peas if I mix them with sweet potatoes.
.We finally started putting his blankie in his crib with him (I'm working hard to overcome my fears), and he still cuddles IceBat.
.Loves having his diaper changed. Could be because his legs are so ticklish, so it always makes him giggle.
.Hates having his arms pushed through sleeves, but is learning to push them through himself.
.Rocking back and forth on his knees a lot still.
.Has two teeth that I'm pretty sure are going to be really crooked when they grow in.
.Can't usually stand on your lap without jumping. Active little dude.
.Still loves his binki and is a pro at putting it back in his mouth, even overnight. I may possibly keep anywhere from 3-8 binkis in his crib (they just end up there!), and one night I put him to bed with one in, checked on him a few hours later and he had a different one, and then in the morning he had a different one in! He's so talented!
.Can also twist it right side up when we put it in upside down.
.Will not hold his own bottle (except for that one occasion). He prefers to kick back and splay out his arms.
.No longer easily sleeps in the car. Bummer.
.We still lug his 21 lb self around in his car seat since he's just easier to hold that way. Pretty sure I'm freaking buff now.
.Splashes so much sitting up in the tub that he scoots all around the tub.
.Did more of an army crawl on Sunday than I've ever seen him do before.
.We are convinced when Samson doesn't want to nap he purposefully messes his diaper so we have to come get him up.
.Still does little high pitched squeals often.
.Loves to sit on the floor playing with toys I dump out of a bin for him. He can sit there for an hour, and in his room to boot! Such a big kid.
.Actually reached for me the other day when he was sitting on the floor. I think I about died.

In conclusion: he has us absolutely infatuated.


Natalie said...

He is such a handsome little guy, and I love ready about all of the silly things he does! You are such a cute mom!
ps- I am also loving your daily posts!

Jude N Eliza said...

I Love the bottom center pic!

[Morgan] said...

oh me oh my. oh my!
those pictures are, wow, adorable.
caitlyn, he is so cute.

yes, jo is buzzed. i kind of love it. and, it's kind of easy:)
i'm a lazy lazy lazy bean.

Hen Pecks said...

A handsome, brown-eyed, grandson! Lucky me!


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