Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful {Thirty}

McDonalds chicken nuggets
My tall, handsome husband
My happy baby
Flat irons
My caring husband
My baby's smiles
Online shopping
Crest Diet Coke
My hard working husband
My baby's tiny toes
Paint to spruce up furniture
Generous family members
My housewife-husband
My boy's brown eyes (and the occasional crossed ones of my baby)


[Morgan] said...

i have seriously loved reading all of your gratitude posts. please say you won't fall off the radar now that november's over. please?

Haley said...

Agree with Morgan, but apparently you have fallen off the radar because you had your post up at 7 am every morning. And here we are, 7:39!! Grrr. I need my Samson fix, cause who can't love that wide eyed afraid adorable look?! Give me more Samson!


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