Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful {Thirteen}

That first date.

Seven years ago today I received a text from Tadd (who I, of course, had a crush on) asking
would I like to go with him to the premier of the LDS film Pride and Prejudice that night.
Would I!

Picked me up from work that night.
Oh my, was I attracted to him.

We discussed the weather on the way, both of us being nervous.
I learned he also wished the snow would stay up in the mountains.

Scerra theatre with friends of his,
sitting up on the balcony.

He was wearing Very Sexy for Him
He rubbed my back a few times during the film, maybe touched my leg a few times.
I think we held hands.
A little much for a first date, you say?
With the incessant flirting that had gone on over the last month at his house,
it was no surprise.
(did I tell you I met him through his lil' sis, Shaley, who was my BFF?)

Chili's next.
Listened to Howard Jones "HoJo" on the way.
Both ordered Cajun Chicken Pasta, his with no tomatoes.
He ate half of his, I ate all of mine.
Not surprising; I could give a fat guy a run for his money.

Gavin's house after dinner.
Tadd's best friend.
You'd know him from the newest Jazz bear commercial.
Purple shirt and funny as all get out.

Gavin's lair, the whole basement,
appropriately named The Pleasure Palace.
There was one rule.
You have to cuddle, and you have to like it.
Did I disobey the rule? Not even a little bit.

The ideal first date and the wonderful beginning of the end of our single lives.

I'm so grateful for November 13th.


c.e.l.i.n.a said...


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

Also I love that your title is now cat =tadd = sam!

Shelby Lou said...

This was totally cute, and it made me smile!


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