Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful {Twenty-Four}


I love reading, and wish I made more time for it.
I hope to instill a love for reading in Samson as he grows up.
We read to him daily, and anticipate when one day he requests specific books before bedtime.

I'm enjoying starting up his little library, and have found a bunch of cute books that I'm excited for him to recognize one day.
(any specific favorites out there?)

My amazing husband who takes on the role of amazing dad many nights of the week.

Nights when I'm at the salon, Tadd does such a great job sticking to the routine I insisted we establish for el bebe.

First there is the bath, which Samson LOVES. He especially loves when we slide him up away from the faucet to add more hot water. Don't get too close, the kid will soak you with his vigorous splashing.

Then his aquaphor, diaper (duh), lotion and lavender. Next are the jimjams and sleep sack, then his reflux medication (poor little dude), and then his bottle. After a good burp he gets story time.

I love imagining Tadd at home holding our little guy and reading him a book or two. When I'm home and have done the feeding, burping and reading, Samson gets a little cuddle time with dad, then it's off to bed. I insisted on singing him the same song before bed every night, and because it's simple, sweet and easy to remember, we sing the Barney song (make fun all you want).

Tadd admitted the other night that sometimes when he puts Sam down he'll make up his own lyrics. You see, it's no wonder Sammy loves his daddy the most. The fun they have together far surpasses the fun he and I have together, and that's OK. It's worth it just to watch the two of them love each other.

So, yes. I am grateful for my husband who never complains about playing daddy at night, and makes the very most of it.

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whitneyingram said...

Remember that one night when Ethan flaked on my hair appointment and I hated him for it? Like HATED?


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