Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful {Twelve}

My quote-unquote-job.
I consider it to be more of a hobby, and I LOVE it.
It's exactly what I need to be doing in my life.
The perfect outlet for me.
Gives me the opportunity to stretch myself
creatively as much as I want.

I'm also so grateful for my clients.
I want a tee shirt, bumper sticker, whatever
that says "My Clients Are Better Than Yours", because they are.
I've so grateful to consider my clients my friends
(I bet all of you don't have 150+ friends, suckas).

I love it. Love it.
feel free to browse my hair blog (, and encourage me to get back to posting.

1 comment:

[Morgan] said...

and an amazing stylist you are.

i feel this way about the preschool families i associate with. i want to say to people, bet you don't have 24 families do you? suckas.

speaking of styling.... last i checked my calendar it was august.... now it's novemeber. and my bangs are grown out. what the hell happened?

i shall call you SOON.


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