Monday, November 22, 2010

Knockin' Around in my Brain

If my ankles were smaller I might be into oxfords, or "bert shoes" as I used to call them.

I'v been thinking I need to continue my blog-every-day phase in December, and I believe I may make myself post something I like about winter/Christmas. I absolutely hate winter, and have a hard time getting into the holiday season because it takes place in the winter. BUT, I can't be a scrooge with a kid, so I'm going to force myself to recognize the things I like.

I really enjoy our home. Like really.

Watching FRIENDS in its entirety for about the seventh time. I begin quoting it in my head all day long by about the sixth season. Drives me a titch batty.

I have a goal not to personally wash my hair through the end of the year; I'll have one of the salon girls do it. That's really only five more times anyway. Unless I turn it into a New Years Resolution, which I'm seriously considering.

I am SO freaking excited that my amazing great-aunt Betty made Samson his very own Raggedy Andy. I have a Raggedy Ann, so now we're twinners!

I make a new Glee CD every week, you'd think it would just be easier to play it from my iPhone right? I like CDs, reminds me of simpler times (FRIENDS quote. Pathetic).

Samson is blowing a LOT of raspberries. Soaking his face and shirt, a lot. He thinks he's hilarious, which of course he is.

My post-baby-lady-lumps depress me. Why did no one warn me?

I have awesome clients. I was so entertained tonight with my two clients (mother-daughter), and might just ask Courtney to come entertain me everyday at the salon. Maybe she'll even tap dance?

Question of the day: should we sleep at our house Christmas Eve and then head down to my parents early Christmas day? Or just sleep there. What to do, what to do.

I think drinking anything but hot beverages from a mug is vile. The smell of the ceramic, the taste, all of it. So gross.

We are weird. I'm "kitty", Tadd is "puppy" and Sam is "cuppy".

Midcalf silk garmies are the way to go. Ladies, go try some. It's been years since I've started wearing these, and recently friends and family have caught on, and are hooked. Jump on board! If you must try Carinessa (and feel as if you are wearing two pairs of paints), so be it. Luckily they have an adorable lace band at the bottom. They slightly resemble leggings! Don't try to pull that off though, you'll look foolish.

Why is that "obv" and "totes" are the best words ever? Be even cooler and say "totes magotes".

...signing off. Time to watch a FRIENDS episode and hit the hay.

But not before leaving you with this little gem...

Feeling a little needy, Tadd thought Sam might enjoy his bath a little more with his beloved binki.


Em & Gar said...

Love the random thoughts. Um. what is the warning about the lady lumps?! I'm not pregs but...what do I need to know?! Nervous!

Courtney J said...

I'll be over in a few days to wash your mirror.


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