Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful {Twenty-Nine}


I've been super blessed to have made incredible friends. Timeless friends.

They've been there for me through the good times and the tough times.

The last thing I expected was to make best friends with girls from hair school, since I considered it to be an extension of high school (and don't we all look back fondly on those days...ugh).

Needless to say, I was surprised to find myself among girls that lifted me up, made me practically pee my pants laughing, and left me with some of the best memories.

Fast forward a few years, and hello Nu Skin. Aside from providing me with a do-hardly-anything-for-a-more-than-decent-income, Nu Skin introduced me to a number of people who soon became some of my best friends. And oh my word, did we have some gooo-uuuu-d times.

More great friends were made at Jive Dance Studio, yes I'm an adult and take dance. So what?

You can't put an age on fun. And friends. Funny friends.

I'm also surrounded by great friends at my salon (most of whom I don't have digital evidence of, but I swear they're real).

See, so fortunate am I!

I'm way too lazy to make the following pictures into collages, so enjoy a marathon post.

Sil and I sampling Mary's clothing

Me, Sil, Jessie and TT awaiting our CPK hummus

Tianne and me as our dancing selves

Silly and me Cheesecaking it up

Me, Kris and Powla showering the bride (the one in the middle. She showers herself sometimes)

Me, Sil and MK celebrating Sil's 21st

Enjoying each other at Mary's mom's funeral. With the friends I have, it's possible to make light of a sad situation.

Celina and me being the most beautifulest

Mary, me, Tiana and Ali "Spooning Me"

Scottish and Kristen also spooning each other. What are the odds?

Mary, me, Jessie and Ali standing awkwardly against a wall

NickMal, Cel, Whit, me and Kristen farewelling someone, but I forget who.

Who Wore it Best Event, Nu Skin, Suite 100

Me and Kristen pretending to be all business like in Seattle. I wasn't old enough to rent a car.

Oy Vey, Bahamas!

Nice G's Jess

Celebrating Nashley's birthday Gloria's style

Ali caught the garter! And decided to marry me!

Steel Magnolias get together (minus Care Bear)

Farewell to Celina as she goes off to Africa (to meet her future husband, which of course we had no idea of at the time. Awesome)

The Cunninghams again. At a Nu Skin event. Again.

You challenge us to a Costco-cake-eating contest, and we'll take that challenge. We'll also each win $50.

Celina and I are the spookiest of all zombies

Farewell to my Nu Skin days (at CPK)

Chelsea-face, my work wife.

Care Bear, Sil, Mary and me in Idaho

I la, la, love my friendlings.


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

I by far, take the ugliest pictures of all your friends...or we just get in ugly situations together. Either way, we need a new one!

aLiCe said...

JUST saw this post.. i will admit that i am wayyyy behind on my google reader. anyway... la la love you. la la love this post. and can i just say how priveleged i am that i made it into the most pictures?? 10 to be exact.yesss. i am by far the most favorite.


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