Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful {Twenty-Six}

Dry Shampoo, specifically this one
Donuts of any kind
Mid calf garmies
Vibrating toothbrush

Call me disgusting, but I'll do whatever it takes to extend the life of my washed hair. I prefer to wash it once a week, or rather have someone else wash it once a week, I just hate doing it. I might have gone 11 days one time, just maybe. My life changed when I tried dry shampoo three years ago. I could even bear my testimony about it. Sacrilig? Sure.

Donuts, donuts, donuts. I'd have them every day if I could. Did you know that Hostess Crumb Donettes are actually Hostess CRUNCH Donettes? I know, I was disappointed too.

Again, my life was changed when I caved and took my mother's advice and bought myself some mid calfies. Holy comfortable, batman. And while pregnant? I just purchased myself some in about 4 sizes bigger and that did the trick. Secret: I still wear those, super pretty.

I'm positive I don't brush thoroughly enough on my own, so my Pulsar toothbrush picks up my slack. And it feels like there's a party in my mouth every day. Bonus!


Joanna said...

Where do you get dry shampoo? I looked for some a couple years ago when our ward was going on Pioneer Trek, but I never found any.

And I'm intrigued by this mid-calf garments idea. Just might have to get me some!

cat+tadd=sam said...

I have found the Pssst at Walmart, Walgreens or Rite Aid. Yup, I'm a hairstylist, but I cheat and buy drugstore dry shampoo. Works better than any I've ever tried.


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