Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful {Ten}

My nieces and nephews

Madi: an excellent baby sitter, whom the kids adore
Mazie: always good for a laugh
Kyra: a thoughtful sweetheart
Ellie: an entertaining goofball
Adrie: sometimes shy, and very caring
Andrew: sweet and mild with a silly side
Jack: wacky and always on the go
Ava: a sassy, silly chickie
Bree: a sparkly, natural performer
Griffin: sensitive and adores the babies
Crew: rowdy with his own agenda
Van: an endearing pest
Addison: a playful jabber mouth
Lyla: so sweet and cuddly
Violet: smiley and cheerful

I can't get over this picture. These two just freaking love each other.

I love seeing my nieces and nephews interact with their cousin, Sammy. They each have their own way of playing with him. It makes me anxious for when he really interacts with them!

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