Sunday, November 21, 2010

More On That Giraffe Hat

Beeeeecause it's so cute

Now I just need to find every excuse in the book for him to wear it.
Oh, I've got one. How about this damn winter?
It's snowing right now, and I couldn't be more mad.

And if you leave a hat-wearing-baby on a cuddlebag long enough, this will happen.
He didn't seem to mind.


Sparks said...

It's not an insult that we know that you're kid's going to be the best dressed forever. It's a compliment.

Just thought I'd remind you.

Lindey&Corbin said...

Sooooo freaking cute! I haven't seen him for three days and I miss him! Bring him to me!

Jenna said...

so I am rediscovering your blog. it's been awhile. i've had blogs randomly disappear from my list (not a fan of that)

anyway... CUTE boy! Love the had. Carter has a little puppy one and i know it's a little silly, but so worth perma-smile from me :)


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