Friday, April 22, 2011

Would You Agree...

...our little one is having a rough time cutting his two top teeth?

I felt like I walked in on a mini blood bath when I got him up from his nap.

Notice the little bottom-teeth marks (from awhile back)...grrrrrr...make me want to wallop his little behind.

Gruesome, eh?

Poor baby. Guess this explains why he took an unusually long time to fall asleep. Worst mother of the year.

Monica didn't even survive the nap terror (see first picture).

Nor did his sleep sack.

May this never ever happen again!


meg said...

that is just so sad!

Shelby Lou said...

This is sad, and it makes my heart break a little. Poor guy.

Ryan and Jamie Sharp said...

You need a teething guard for the crib so he will not bite it. I have one up since cohen was crawling and it works great.

Tiffany and Mike said...

Oh my gosh, does that really happen when they teeth? I would have freaked seeing all that. Poor little guy, may his two teeth cause him no more grief :)


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