Monday, April 18, 2011

Sparks Marina

A Sunday afternoon with two dog lovers, two crusty-eyed babies, two moms, and my favorite animal (Sophie).

Sparks Marina has a couple kid parks and a dog park along a two mile trail. The weather was great, even called for baby capris, so we strolled on over to the dog park where Mallory frolicked among "her Disneyland".

Not being our element*, Haley and I headed back to the playgrounds, where we discovered Samson does not like his umbrella stroller. There was only one incident(s) of Haley semi-yelling at a little girl for pushing Addie, Addie getting kicked by Sam in the swing, and the losing of a pair of keys (recovered).

Mister Adorably Grumpy Pants
(huge factor in this: his numerous viruses he had diagnosed yesterday)

Treat on the way back home. Allowed on vacations. Also allowed, trucker-sized sodas.

Sammy trying his best to win Mallory's affection back after she had to suffer through three hours of watching him AND Addie while Haley, Megan and I went to Bikram Yoga (a whoooole other post).

When Meg, Mallory and SophieGirl rejoined us, Addie practiced her sharing manners with her jelly beans. Yum yum.

*Although not my thing, I did learn a lot about dogs, the culture of loving dog owners, and the inhumane treatment of animals on this trip. I actually stopped on the side of the road in Lehi yesterday to help a stray dog. If you know me, you'd get what a huge influence Megan and Mallory have been on me (Sorry Mom, I still won't let Gus or Miles cuddle up next to me).

Although the dog wouldn't come over to me so I could help it out, I felt like a better person for trying!


Mal said...

Aw thanks cat. It makes me SO happy that I got you to kinda sorta like dogs:) I love that you tried to help one, it makes me toats proud.

Shelby Lou said...

I want a double gulp something fierce. Its a sin that you don't like dogs. You are supposed to love dogs and hate cats. COME ON GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Sorry for type-yelling, but I had to get it out.

I kind of want to come to Provo just so you can do my hair again. Those where the good days. My hair is so much longer now!


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