Friday, April 1, 2011

As of Late

I packed away baby shoes and clothes Samson has outgrown. I put this off for a couple months since I couldn't part with the tininess of them.

My love of stripes grew.

Little mister got his hair parted, and I can't even handle the cuteness.

These two little peanuts turned 2 months old. Where does time freaking go?

Sam is pulling himself up on everything. Cabinets, toys, couch, toilet, chairs, tub, my legs, the pantry, garbage can, bookshelves, etc...and started inching his way along the furniture a few days ago.

Little Lucy bug was blessed, and we had some delicious homemade Cafe Rio salads and desserts.

I made a delicious fruit pizza for the blessing that was a total hit (thanks to Rookie-Cookie and Pillsbury. That's HUGE for me!

Everyone needs a pair of floral leggings. And everyone's should be $5 at WalMart.

Gots ma' hairs smoothed with Brocato's Curl Interrupted Smoothing System. Not the smartest idea for my hair right now. It does work wonders (I did the semi-permanent process which lasts 2-3 weeks), but I wasn't planning on it being SO smooth, I had hoped it would still hold curl the same, alas, it did not. I'm clarifying it next week with Kevin.Murphy Maxi Wash.

Oh, is this not how hair is to be washed???

We were finally corrected of our washing ways, and efficiently lathered up my locks.

Baby boy got his first owie requiring a band-aid.

Got a new print on sale from Twig, and I must be really dense because I can't see the hidden letters. Help.

Lyla mistook the tip of a medicine bottle as a baby bottle and just sucked away. It was too funny!

I turned myself into Taylor Swift.
Mostly I was just forcing my hair to hold curl like it used to before the smoothing system (will rectify next week), and it worked.
Discovered the Hipstamatic app. Brill.

PS. None of this is a prank.
Just in case you were wondering.


c.e.l.i.n.a said...

i Love your forth grade leggings. AWESOME!

Mal said...

Brill. Awes.

Cunning said...

A full and wonderful life with long flowy have it all.

Those curls are top notch by the way.

[Morgan] said...

taylor swift. bahahahaha.

Natalie said...

I don't like packing up baby clothes either, although it makes it fun when you get to unpack them and use them again! Haha. That fruit pizza looks delicious by the way! And thanks for your cute note on my blog, that was sweet of you!


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