Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Indulged

I walked in the door the other night after a long day at the salon to hear Tadd shushing me. Apparently Samson had been laying on Tadd's lap, had finished off his bottles (I guess he demanded 11 oz), set his bottle down and zonked out like *that* (finger-snap). There was no waking him. Nor did we want to try.

Since we sleep trained Samson he will not fall asleep anywhere but in a crib. Fabulous, most of the time, but occasionally a pain (ie: church). Side note: At this time in my life there is nothing more satisfying than laying my baby down in his crib wide awake, knowing that he will fall asleep on his own. So, basically this occurrence was rare.

Tadd graciously let me take Sam and cuddle with him to my heart's content. And cuddle, I did.

Long day at the salon = lookin' nasty by the end of the day

Sam even stayed asleep while I laid myself down to get nice and comfy and enjoy my cuddle time. Had he not become a sweaty little beast, I could've stayed like this all.night.long.


[Morgan] said...

sleep trained? wus this? you'll have to teach me someday.

my babies fall alseep everywhere. i trained them that way, i guess.

Keisha said...

nothing NOTHING nothing is better than snuggling with our little monsters.


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