Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 Months

Our monster turns 10 months old today! Whaaaaaaat???

Some fun things that have been entertaining us lately...

.He's become quite needy when his mother is around.
.Gives kisses occasionally.
.Repeats what a sheep and lion say.
.Crawls everywhere, and quickly.
.Pulls himself up on everything, and tries to push his limits of all kinds all the time.
.Says "uh-oh", "da-da", "ya-ya", "ma-ma" (but apparently only when I'm not there).
.He's a Fatty McFatterson and I love it.
.Hates getting dressed and/or having his diaper change and turns into Houdini to get away from us (actually not entertaining, unless you're Haley and then it's very entertaining and a little pee comes out).
.Has mastered his "camera face" (please see above).
.Sam's finally started eating (not barfting up) actual solids. Slowly, but surely. Beans, rice, cheerios (and apparently suckers), and little tastes of what we're eating.

1 comment:

Hen Pecks said...

Fatty McFatterson? My new favorite.


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