Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Springtime Saturday

Family gathered at the Cox casa to enjoy the warmer weather.

There is one outfit of Sam's that, I kid you not, he has a blow out in e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e he wears it. Luckily Camme had a creeper Sam could wear, but it was a bit chilly for shorts so I grabbed a pair of baby legs on my way up from the salon. My, that kid was STYLIN'!

It was a real task keeping Samson away from that firepit.

That poor black eye hasn't gone away yet, but it's definitely the mark of our busy, busy little boy.

Tadd's parents got a couple of these cars for Christmas with some RC Willey deal, and theycan be remote controlled! AND you can plug your iPod in! Lyla and Sam loved cruisin' around.

Then we took a little stroll in the wagon around the pool, to which he also very much approved of.

Bree lovingly patted and rubbed Sam's head during this wagonride.

Oh, my favorite! Deer in the headlights. It's beginning to seem that this face is replacing his FotoFace seen here and here, which I'm really sad about.

I love when these two play together, and don't you just love Lyla's Michelin Man arms!?

Riding off into the sunset together. Awww, how romantic.
When do you think it's the ideal time to break it to the two of them that they're cousins?

"Peace out!"

Speaking of babies, let's talk about the stupidity that is the parents of ID and UT...please read this.

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Jaime Stephens said...

Loved that link it's funny.. I commented on there but have to tell u my cousin who works in Cali just took care of 2 little boys one named prince and one named facebook!! Crazy people.. Jealous of all the pictures you have of being outside lately I'm missing the good weather memo guess I shouldn't judge the weather by just looking out my window.


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