Friday, April 15, 2011

Spark it Up

Let me remind with babies, are not vacations. Well, they are once 8 o'clock rolls around.

Mal, Hells, Adds, Sam and I headed to Sparkly, NV Friday morning, and all us adults breathed a collective sigh of relief when we rolled into Sparks all in one piece, unharmed, and only slightly flustered with the babies.

Road trips apparently call for a lot of pictures, luckily we had two daaaahling subjects to photograph, so away we clicked.

My brown-eyed baby boy

Sam discovered his carseat visor, which I had no idea was there.
He had his first sucker, and loved it. Poor Haley was the one in the back with him at that time and lovingly cleaned up the sticky mess, on both babes.
He also gave Addie's baby lots of open-mouthed kisses. Inappropriate.

On the way home Samson figured out how to play peek-a-boo (top right), and I about peed my pants laughing. Then he read himself some books (SMRT, smart) and played with his activity table (yes, I'm ridiculous and brought one of Sam's favorite toys), but figured out it was so much more fun to prop it up on his feet. He's a silly little dude.

The trip home was sans Hells and Addie because they flew to California to visit Grandma 'Chelle, so Sam was a little lonely in the back. I often visited him, and showed him the cakes I was doodling on the iPad. He was impressed.

We got off to a great start once we arrived at Casa de Romo, what with the overflowing diaper of Sam's, having to immediately scavenge the house for any potentially breakable things my monster could've gotten into/onto, wiping two baby noses over and over and over, and dragging in, no lie, about 20 pieces of luggage (of random sorts). Sheesh!

Much more fun was had throughout the rest of the come later...


[Morgan] said...

um.... scrunchy nose sam is my new favorite sam.

Dad Jack said...

How I love those brown eyes. They are a first for our family.


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