Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiddle Bittles

A few other pictures to note...

Samson has never been busier than he was at Mark n' Meg's. Moving the chairs, licking the glass door, dumping Sophie's water, climbing the stairs, grabbing any and all things he shouldn't be, etc...

He and Addie discovered the door stopper in the bathroom, and were SO entertained. It was one of the first times I really noticed them playing with each other. Samson would rattle the stopper, look over at Addie and wait for her to laugh then he'd squeal and wave his arms around (a common gesture of his when he's excited). They just laughed and laughed!

Our second favorite time of the day. Bath time. Leading up to our favorite time of the day. Bedtime!

Addie practiced her coloring skills often, and Haley also found it to be therapeutic when she felt the need to wring a certain young one's neck*.

Megan ingeniously punctured her beloved Sonic cup after a grueling 90 minutes of Bikram yoga. Still...a whole other post to dedicate to the sweatiest 90 minutes of my life.

An uber relaxing swing for the little tyke at the Sparks Marina.

Doesn't two kids look great on Haley???

Heading home. I had to play a fair amount of musical chairs to appease Samson. It got pretty lonely back there for him without Addie.

A close up of that shiner he got falling onto his activity table. It's a week and a half later, and it's still not gone. How long do these suckers typically stick around?

*In Addie's defense, she was getting sick, wasn't sleeping well at night (the poor little thing has night terrors), and in a new place.
*In Haley's defense, she stressed herself out to the max for nothing. None of us were bothered by Addie, but Haley felt it was her duty to shield us from any Addie-ness she felt was unwarranted.

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