Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt & Brunch

My mom hosted an Easter egg hunt and brunch for the kids on Saturday, and it was enjoyed by children and adults.

Each child was given a basket with their own unique egg and there were 11 more just like it hidden in the yard. That's my mom, uhhh Easter Bunny, for you, organization! It was brilliant and made for a lot of fun.

I actually haven't decided yet if I'm going to teach Sam about the Easter Bunny. It seems a titch creepy that a bunny comes traipsing through your home and yard leaving behind, essentially, its droppings (of sorts), and gifts. Random.

I do know that I want to create this activity in the next year or two. I want the focus of Easter to be on the resurrection, for that is what this holiday is about. However, I will also incorporate what Easter has commercially become because who doesn't love a good egg hunt!

But hey! To each, his own!

And...onto the hunt!

Searching the premises for the golden egg. Yes, the golden egg. A yellow chick egg with $10 hidden inside!

Lieutenant Jack hunted for camo print eggs!

Hi Tadds.
Someday there will be a pool whereabouts I'm standing, you just wait!

And look who found the golden egg! I hope she followed through with her spending plans...did you have a lovely lunch, Whit?

Sam with all his loot!

Little Vi Vi.

FotoFace is back!

Dancin' to The Biebs. Addie even jabbers along with Ludacris!

Best thing I heard all day? Uttered by Jack, "Hey Tadd, do you want to come play with me? You look like you're bored." I heart him.


Kalli Ko said...

Of COURSE Whitney found the golden egg.

I hid the two that had $5 in them at my parent's and was tempted to subtly steer the Nub that direction.

Totally stealing your mom's color coordinated egg hunt idea for next year. Genius.

Em & Gar said...

Did your parents move???


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