Thursday, April 28, 2011

Career Day

For Sammy's independently created career day, he chose to come spend some time with mom at the salon. Or rather, Tadd had to rush off to a softball game and I wasn't quite finished with Whitney's hair, so he dropped him off to hang.

We resorted to letting the monster crawl around on the semi-clean, mostly swept floor once sitting on laps just wasn't cutting (har har) it any more.

Chelsea adorned him with a clip so he wouldn't feel left out among the stylists.

He spent a good amount of time at the salon entertaining some ladies up front and people watching. Is he my son, or what? much drool is too much before my keyless entry breaks? Sometimes the screaming isn't worth it when I take them away...

Ooohhh double chin! His (dummies).

In other news, Sam likes french fries. Of course.

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