Saturday, October 30, 2010

31 for 21: Yup, I'm THAT Mom*

I put my son in leg warmers.
Guess what though? His legs are warm!
He even wears them under his rolled-up-a-bit skinnies. He prefers it that way

This is the look you will most often get out of the boy.

Does he not have the funniest hair line? Pre-baldness, his dad had the exact same one.
He IS his dad. I think we shall call him tadpole.

*it's still a little weird to consider myself one of these. A mom, that is.


Ryan and Tammy said...

Dude leg warmers are geneous, no need for them where I like, but if there was...... Keeps them warm and you don't have to take them off ten times a day for diaper changes!

Haley said...

Sorry, but can I use a dislike button???

Shelby Lou said...

This is awesome.

[Morgan] said...

hey, i'm that mom too then. jonas wears leg warmers. he even wears them as arm warmers. he thinks they have super powers:]


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