Monday, October 18, 2010

31 for 21: Witchy Fudge

Gardner Village on a Wednesday

In honor of the daddy

Grandma insisted that Samson got to sit in his stroller instead of in his car seat inside the stroller. She needed him to see all that was going on. He was ever so grateful, and had the time of his life laughing at the trees.

Such a happy boy.

Addie is so obsessed with him, and it's the cutest thing. She loves to give him love pats and kisses. Although they may be a little rougher than her mother would like, we've got to train him not to be a wuss.

Grandma also wanted him to discover the grass on his bare fetes. I should really pay attention to more things like this, so my boy can learn.

Other discoveries of the day:
Target Up & Up diapers suck. Just ask my mom.
Traffic at 5:00 also sucks.
Heath Bar fudge is deeelicious, even though I don't like fudge


Shanicherie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! And Samson is adorable as always!

kecia said...

ummm, remember how I live like 5 minutes from gardner village? yet no call or visit....the nerve! the pics though! He looks oh so grown up and cute!


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