Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 for 21: Quatro

Our little dude is four months old today.
Time flies.
And it yet it creeps by.
Tadd was just saying today that he looked at my "Walk with Angels" post, and he swears it was three years ago that I was pregnant. I swore I would never forget what I felt like when I was pregnant, but oddly enough I've forgotten. It's this evil pregnancy amnesia (as my mom calls it), and it's seriously cruel. I'll be with child again one day, I'm sure, and then it'll all come flooding back to me. Gag.

But...good news is, I got this little Samsonite from it all. And he rocks. Rocks, I tell you.
Evidence of such, below.

Weight: 15 lbs. 4 oz.
Length: 26 in.
Head: 17 in. (I have no idea if this is normal or not)

Tidbits I love about Sammy:

The nose-crinkle when he smiles really big, resulting in the little "X" wrinkle on the bridge of his nose
How he babbles in his crib when he wakes up (usually)
His craziness in the bathtub
His adoration for his daddy
Those wide, brown eyes
The smell of his breath (is that weird?)
Squeal, squeal, squeal
Like clockwork...messy diaper #1 of the day
When he's feeling needy in the car, all he needs is to hold my hand
The 10+ hours he sleeps at night
His immediate 2+ hour nap right after he wakes up and eats between 7 and 9 (dear blog post, please don't jinx this)
Those smiles, giggles and laughs
He loves having his face tickled, tends to calm him down and can put him to sleep
That pouty lip when he's about to reeeally cry
How he can get Tadd to full-on belly laugh
How's he found his thumb, and ohmyhell, it's adorable when he goes to town on it
Likes eskimo kisses
What a champion errand buddy he is
The way he flexes his itty bitty feet when he stretches

P.S: I heart him


Lindsey said...

Oh that is just sweet what you said about him! I totally understand about liking the smell of his breath because I am the same way. Must be a weird mom thing. Austin also sucks his little thumb and it's sooo cute. Cute for now...

whitneyingram said...

Like no one can make Violet laugh like Jack can- no one can make Tadd laugh like Samson can. It has been so enjoyable to watch Tadd become a daddy. We all knew he would be a mess over that little boy.

Joanna said...

My kids never took to the thumb-sucking thing, despite my best efforts, so your next post MUST include a picture of Samson sucking his thumb. There it is, my official request.

Hen Pecks said...

No one can make Dad laugh like Dad can.

Jenna said...

What a Cutie Pie! - lost track of your blog for quite awhile and it is fun rediscovering. I love to hear you are enjoying your baby!

Single Girl said...

probably my favorite picture in the world.



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