Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21: Happy Real Halloween Today!

Some Halloween-ness...

My personal favorite costume of the night! (Besides my silver baby, of course)

Batman-Andrew, Tootsie-Mazie, Ladybug-Lyla, Tiger-Griffin, Ketchup-Madi, Witch -Adrie, Witch-Kyra, Clown-Ellie, Bumble Bee-Ava, Witch-Bree, Fire Fighter-Crew.

Samson was absent...doing this...

He and Lyla posed for pictures after his nap, which they didn't love.

And yes, his shoes and binki are silver

Sam's new thing is holding hands.

Even a tin man needs to eat!

Wearing some festive jim jams!

Mallory and I did Felicia's hair and makeup for work. She makes one hot vampire! Nevermind that her mom made her dress and coat in ONE NIGHT. Holy amazing, batman!

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