Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31 for 21: Must Drink More Water

Diet Coke may as well run through my veins, I had all of 16 oz of water on Friday.

Fall break called for a little Cox-Cabin time. We joined the family Friday night, had dinner in Park City, and enjoyed each other late into the night. No sleeping over for us, we haven't gotten comfortable sleeping just anywhere with an infant. Something to eventually master!

Uncle Kris snuggling the babies

Out of 21 people, 11 of us were wearing stripes tonight. Wackee!
As in Wackee Six, which is a must-play.
And should become a Cox Cabin tradition for sure!

1 comment:

kecia said...

you better master it soon...the sleeping over thing! It was great to play whackee six together though....even if you cheat!I We should have taken a stripe picture!


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