Tuesday, October 5, 2010

31 for 21: Raising Awareness

I have been blessed with two adorable nieces who were born with Down Syndrome. It is October, which means it's Down Syndrome Awareness month and time for the 31 for 21 blogging challenge, which my sister-in-law, Kecia, alerted me to. I am already 5 days behind, so I'll be putting forth whatever effort I can muster. To join click on the button I added at the top of my page. So for my day one I am doing some catchup fro awhile back...my news is OLD news.

Back in May? (was it?), Tadd's family participated in a Walk with Angels Event to support parents and families with children of special needs.

The walk took place in Salt Lake, and most of the family was able to attend. It was really neat to meet a lot of Bree's friends, and other children in the community with Down Syndrome. It was exciting to see what Tysen and Chris have to look forward to with Lyla, who they just had in March. We were able to meet the Early Intervention people, which Kecia has said, have been an immense help for them. I'm so glad there are organizations who are there to help my sweet nieces along in this world which we so daftly call "normal".

Bree and Lyla

Tysen and Chris with their kiddies. Ava, Griffin, Crew and Lyla

The whole gang! Did I mention I felt, and looked, like a whale? Good times.
Here's to blogging every day this month!


Hen Pecks said...

It's not all about YOU Caitlyn!

Lindsay said...

Bree is so stinkin' cute, and Lyla, too! That is so cool that they will have each other as they get older and so great for the sisters too. I think it is really cool how close Tadd's family is and how supportive you guys all are of each other.


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