Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 for 21: Buddy Walk

The Buddy Walk is something the Cox family looks forward to every September. I've actually never been, so I was glad I could be a part of it this year. Samson was thrilled as well.

There was a program before the walk by the lady from Signing Time, which the kids absolutely loved. Some kids were called up on stage to help her sign her songs from her videos, and it was adorable. It's incredible how quickly kids catch on to signs, and how well they can keep up with her. I took three years of sign language in high school, and could only pick out a dozen signs. it's pathetic how little I remember! The way she teaches on her videos, I'm sure these kids won't forget their new signs anytime soon!

Can't wait for these two to be best buddies. Lyla already grabs his hand when they are laying next to each other.

I adore Bree's cheesy smile

Most of the Cox and Clapier families

Oh, Andrew. Classic.

Bree and Lyla's team name was X-tra Cute Cousins, referencing the extra chromosome. Clever!

I really enjoyed this event, and will join the family in looking forward to it next year! And I'm thrilled I have a new sleep shirt!

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