Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Food Prep

Once we got home from Samson's surgery, I got to work making the stuff I signed up for for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm lucky Sam crashed for a bit or I never would've gotten a head start on the food prep because once he was feeling normal again, my was he a trip!

Cherry pie prep

I loved how the cherries looked cooking down. 


Look how pretty! I was sorta proud.

Tadd MAY or may not have left an open carton of yogurt out so while my back was turned the little tyke got to it. So rather than freaking out, and trying my hardest to entertain him some other way, I let him at it. 

I think Samson set a goal for himself that day to make his biggest mess to date, and although he outdid himself, he has since blown his record out of the water. 

Why do people cook? 

What a gem.

My beautiful pumpkin pies (that took zero effort)

1 comment:

Hen Pecks said...

Those pies are amazing! And I love the photo of the room after. Classic.


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