Wednesday, January 18, 2012

November DIY

Apparently I was feeling crafty (I despise that word, but what else can be used?) in November...

Whitney requested my assistance at her ward's Fantastic Friday night to make a couple of the bracelets I've made over the last while. I actually enjoyed myself, and momentarily felt like it might be fun to attend some of my ward's things. Then...I remembered that I truly live in one of the worst wards. (don't worry, the Bishop admitted others feel the same way)

I jazzed up a couple frames to FINALLY hang up a few prints in Samson's room that I've had lying around for mooooooonths.

Ahhh, the best of all. We have these fantastic built ins that offer a great deal of storage space, but the glass (ahem...plastic) doors don't hide anything at all. I've tried to store things in cute, patterned boxes and such, but that's near impossible and gets expensive. So, after living here for 1.5 years I wisened up and got myself a roll of wrapping paper, and after a little measuring, cutting and taping...


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