Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ear Tubes

Poor bebe Sam has had roughly eight or nine rounds of ear infections since birth, usually double infections, and come fall we finally said "enough is enough" and took him to an ENT. We asked for tubes before the summer, but were assured that kids don't get ear infections in the summer, so autumn would be a better time. How many did Sam get in the summer? Oh, two. 

The fish tank at the ENT, always great entertainment.

Awaiting the doc.

After hearing Sam has had at least 6 ear infections, the ENT ordered tubes immediately. Writing a script at the same time for a current infection, of.course.

The day before Thanksgiving was the big day, and we were oh so ready for it. I wasn't actually nervous for the surgery since it was so mild, and is actually done in office for adults. Tadd was convinced I was going to have a major freak out, but I held it together!


Sammy thought the gown was so silly once we changed him, and I secretly wanted to steal one to take home.

I couldn't get enough of him in it, and took a million pictures (oh wait, isn't that our everyday life?)

The nurse gave him a little souvenir for his "stay".

Containing him in the playroom was near impossible, especially since they were running behind. Luckily he discovered this fascinating "playground" outside the room, and entertained himself by running behind patient's curtains. Way to go, dude.

 A little melt down before being taken away. So sad.

It wasn't until after his surgery that I fell apart a little. We weren't exactly warned of how he'd react coming out of the anesthesia, so I was surprised at how upset he was. His poor little body would tense and shake, and he would try his darnedest to get out of our arms. He was also trying to hit me as hard as he could. The medicine confuses kids, and makes them REALLY irritable. I hadn't ever heard him scream like that before, and it scared me. Hearing Sam try to express how strange he felt broke my heart, and knowing there was nothing I could do for him was even worse. 

After fifteen or twenty minutes of this, and little to no improvement we decided he wasn't going to settle down there, and figured he needed to be home where he was comfortable. It was within five minutes of being home, that he calmed down completely and then after about an hour he was back to his wild, goofy self!

Naturally, as is the way of Sam, he has actually had one ear infection since the tubes, but it hardly affected him, and he's been pretty great ever since! 

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