Sunday, January 29, 2012

At the Moment...

.I'm watching Friends in our room while Tadd watches tennis out front. Can't remember the last time he watched tennis, not sure what the occasion is.

.I'm sitting with my phone by my side, anxiously reading my family's group text. We do this often, but this time it's regarding my dear grandma. She was moved up to a care home in Northern California not too long ago, and her poor body really started failing about a week ago. My daddy headed up there to be with her for her last few days. Tonight I received a text from my mom saying she is very close to passing away. It won't be long, and my heart aches for my dad and his sisters. She deserves to be in heaven with her husband, leaping about (and yes, if you knew my grandma, she'd absolutely be leaping) in a healthy, painless body. Even though it's time, it still sucks.

.Making mental lists for things needed for the baby shower I'm throwing on Wednesday. Really hoping I can pull this off.

.Cataloging receipts for 2011 Taxes. What a joy!

.Sniffing, coughing, throat clearing, moaning...things I've been hearing all weekend long between myself, Tadd and Samson. It's a relief that we got sick over the weekend, happened last weekend with the flu for myself. What a delight.

.24+ hours without Diet Coke. Burns my dang throat, but has now contributed to my headache.

.Thinking about the new phrases Samson has been saying. He's really quite the goofball, and with all the new words he's learning he's putting them together to thoroughly entertain us. My favorite tonight was when Tadd and Sam were getting ready to take a shower and Sam started yelling and laughing, "Nakie Dadda! Nakie Dadda!" We got a good laugh out of that one. Another I've heard all day, "Uh-oh what happened", mostly when he pushes the home button on my phone and exits an app (fully knowing what he's doing) time, after time, after time.

.Dishes have been washed, laundry folded (a joint effort between Tadd and me), toys tidied, floor vacuumed, so we can start aaaallll over again tomorrow.

.Spare change counted, sorted, organized in envelopes (the way the husband rolls), we'll be bustin' into those tomorrow.

.Sam pinched his thumb in his remote control Jeep, and had a teensy tiny would that he would remind us of the minute we woke up from naps or in the morning, 'huwt'. Then he'd stop playing throughout the day to remind us that it stil hurts. We gave lots and lots of kisses

.We had a lovely dinner brought down to us by Papa Steve and Madi, which was so appreciated! We ate like kings after the week we'd had.

.Sammy is snoozing away in his crib wearing Monster jimjams and an evening gown (clarification. It's his sleepsack), one binki clipped to his gown and handfuls nearby for comfort. Not to mention his three blankets, Mickey Mouse, Bee, Zulie the Zebra, and occasionally Monica the lamb. We've raised a packrat.

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