Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Addie's B-Day

My little niece, Addie, turned two and her mom and dad put together a great little party at the park! This post is really just a gazillion pictures of the celebration with minimal captions...

Haley Homemaker whipped up this banner and these cupcakes!

Auntie M and her mad skills are responsible for the majority of these pics.

Whit and Vi

Two hooligans

The dainty little miss and her new puzzle.

New lippies

Tickle guy and little hippo teeth

Who doesn't love having a ball chucked at their head?

New baby doll, whom she insisted be undressed within 5 minutes.

Giving thank you hugs

Such a beauty

My favorite pic of the day!

Enjoying the cupcakes

So much so, that clothes became optional

Our barrel chested boy

WT 4 Life

Second fave

So happy to call these two family

Wouldya look at that pregnancy glow!

Goodbyes are never easy

For reals

Happy Birthday Addison Michelle!

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