Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Pictures

All photos courtesy of Stott Photography
Taken at the Springville Art Museum in July
Once again, a million-picture-post

Grandma and Papa with their 15 grandkids (16 & 17 ETA Feb 2012)

The whole family

Three cheers for the best color combo. Yes??? Amirite???

Our handsome boy who is 15 months today. A few things about him...
.Started saying monkey, cars, bubble, pop, bite, baby, binki
.Likes to feed himself from a fork we've put food on
.Has mastered going up and down stairs, and has only fallen down a full flight once!
.Also fell into the pool once when he thought he could just climb in like he'd go down stairs
.Says what a monkey and snake say
.Has just started stacking his toys
.He loves to play, play, play. If he's been fed, and rested he'll wander around the house playing with his toys and reading his books for hours.
.Loves to jump and land on his bum, no matter where he is. His bed, the couch, hardwood floor, the bath, concrete, etc.
.Anticipates us saying, "1, 2, 3" before jumping onto his bum.

Papa and Grandma

Chris, Tysen, Ava, Crew, Griffin, Lyla

Mia, Kris, Adrie, Kyra, Bree, Kecia (+one AND TWO)

Madi, Rick, Mazie, Lacey, Andrew, Ellie

Me, Samson, Tadd

Shaley, Roman, Lucy

Corbin, Lindey, Nora

And since this is my blog, I get to put multiple pictures up of my little fam. So there.

Samson was less than enjoyable during most of the shoot, and later threw up while swinging on the porch. Guess that's why he was so irritable??? Hmmm...

All the adults. Taken right after I fell on my face, and was mocked for my extensions. What? I have extensions!?!?!?

Leishman kids

Cox kids

Our little Downsy girls!

Cousin love

Just a super sweet picture of these three

This little girl has some serious giggles!

Is my baby obsession apparent? Can't imagine why...

Love these two boys

Thanks Peter!

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Jaime Stephens said...

You always look so so cute! Maybe someday you can teach me how to dress and do my hair :)... Where did u get the shirt your wearing at your nieces birthday?? Cute pictures your family is beautiful!


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