Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heber Camping

Earlier this month we spent the night at the Heber Campsite that the church owns with Tadd's family. Let me just be clear from the beginning, I am not a camper. Not my thing, and actually not really Tadd's thing. As for Samson, he loved it. Aside from it being the worst night for him, sleeping wise.

He was already feeling a little under the weather, so the 40 degree temperature and the rain didn't help matters. He basically spent the entire night coughing and waking up, as well as waking up everyone else in the cabin. It was delightful. On the upside, it was the first time Samson has fallen asleep in our bed since he was only weeks old, and I absolutely loved that.

Aside from all of that misery we did enjoy our time around the campfire, grubbin' it, decorating our family flag, lots of laughs, good food and each others company!

Samson enjoyed wandering around, getting away with whatever, and being doted on by family. He also said, "please" for the first time! You can bet I've been requiring he rehearse that day in and day out!

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Hen Pecks said...

That is not a family - it's a town. :)


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