Monday, September 19, 2011


I should do this more often. I want to remember my life as it is now, and the little things we enjoy.

Woke up at 6:15 to a crying child. "Wah? Huh? Is that ours?" Of course. No other babies/kids in the house. That unsightly hour of the day just leaves me disoriented.

Tried to let him cry it out, realized he may have messed his drawers, had to check on him, gave him some milk and Tylenol (teething and goose egg) then laid him back down.

You'd think my caring nature and kind gestures would've calmed him right down and clued him in it wasn't time to wake up, but no. Had to get up with him at 7:30. This is unacceptable in our home. 8:00 and no earlier.

Punished him by taking a little nap on the couch after feeding him breakfast and scattering snacks about the house. He didn't understand this discipline tactic, and instead insisted on throwing books at my head and rubbing his snot nose on my arm.

Somehow willed myself to get off the couch around 10, and semi-reddied myself. Threw my hair into a headband for no heat curls (I'll clue you in later), dressed myself and Sam after changing messy diaper #3, and headed "ahhhside" for a quick "wing" for Sam on the porch swing, and then errands.

Hit up Crest first for my DC and crumb donuts. Priorities, people. Allowed the Crest girl to fawn over my DIY washer and ribbon bracelet while I ever so modestly blushed. Almost offered to make her one then thought that might be taking our relationship a little far.

Macy's for dinner fixin's. Had a little help from a friend since I'm a hot mess in the kitchen. Discovered Sam likes rice cakes, picked up a bag of those too.

Headed to Peerless after for Moroccan Oil S&C for sister Whit and I to share, then Target for empty bottles to split them up.

Adored my little boy as he said, " hi" and "buh-byes" to other Target patrons, and silently cursed all of them for not stopping to "ooh" and "ahh" over this ever so adorable and friendly child. Don't they want a picture? A snotograph? (Golly gee, I'm brilliant.)

Back home for lunch, naptime, bracelet making (who am I?), and dinner making (WHO AM I!?). I didn't stop
At Crest for a refill, and regretted it 30 min later.

Samson ate his lunch out on the "wing" while he admired all the "caws" driving by. Bike, motorcycle, truck, scooter, stroller. All cars.

During naptime I watched a little Sunny in Philly and made Whitney a bracelet. Purple ribbon, just as she demanded. Not requested, demanded.

Also took out my headband to reveal my...frizzy curls. Turns out air dried, already frizzy, moussed up hair doesn't work as well for this. I've had more success in the past with blow dried, many days dirty hair. Ah well. Threw it up on a Pinterest inspired braid knot, and finally put on some make up. So unlike me to wait that long, but what's a girl supposed to do when her whole day has been corrupted by a 6:15 wake up call?

Dinner was a success only because I had assistance even though Sam ruined our afternoon by taking only an hour long nap. Who does this kid think he is? All was well since he entertained himself by emptying Tadd's fridge pack of DMD and stacking the cans (oh the brilliance!), then dropping them in the space between our bedroom door and the baby gate. He was quite proud of himself. And I must admit, so was I.

Tadd asked why I let him do that and I wondered how he could even question that. Child entertained. No danger. Out of the way. Plus he shook up a few cans just for good measure.

Off to the salon to cut Meg C's hair, via Crest. Got to see her adorable belly, and catch up. Always a pleasha. Whitney arrived next accompanied with a fresh DC and dinner, (per my request in case mine was a flop). Now I have lunch for tomorrow!

Enjoyed our ever rambunctious behavior and conversation while taking her hair from a summery golden brown with blonde highlights to a deep brown with a tint of red. I tried our new color line, Keune, and we were both pleased with it's success. The pearly sheen! So lovely. I also used her new shampoo and conditioner on her and instructed her how to properly wash and condition her hair. What a cave woman.

After getting home I promptly plopped my tired self on our bed, realized I should change into my jimjams, did so, and haven't moved since. Tadd has come in to kiss me goodnight and I'd imagine he'll be in soon to watch Sunny. I want to be asleep, but awoken by him asking to cuddle with him. Then I'll fall back asleep on his chest. Aren't we so picturesque?


Hen Pecks said...

Fantastic post!

Meagan + Michael said...

I love it, good inspiration to do my own. Aaaand I'm mentioned, I feel so special. I was thinking after I left the salon how I used to hate getting my haircut, but I'm glad I go to you now cause It's so fun to talk and catch up I don't want to leave. I was going to text you that, but no texting and driving...

Hen Pecks said...

Hmm. Hear that Caitlyn? No texting and driving.

Lauren said...

your day sounds fun. can i follow you around all day?

Lindsey said...

Your day sounds a lot like mine! Probably because we have little boys who are crazy...but oh so cute. So I gotta ask, what do you use Moroccan oil for? Oh how I wish you could do my hair again!


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