Monday, May 9, 2011

'Lev Months

Little bug turns 11 months today!

Some of the things that he's doing lately that thoroughly entertain us.

.Claps his hands
.Giggles when Tadd burps
.Loves swings
.Loves story time
.Makes a specific face (FotoFace) when he sees the orange light on my camera
.Such a curious little boy
.Pulls himself up on anything and everything, and then bounces and dances
.Has become very vocal, and really enjoys screaming (this, I do not enjoy)
.Repeats "hi" and "hey". We also swear he can say "Addie" and "Lyla" on one occasion
.Is exploring table food more and more, and rarely gags now!
.Is cuddling more with us and will often lay his head on our shoulders. It just melts my heart.
.Loves to "baaa"and "roar"
.Crawls like crazy, and walks while holding our hands
.Starting to recognize more words
.Holds his own bottle but will let us snuggle him while he does

We're basically so enamored by him (I make no apologies), so every little thing he does is of course hilarious and adorable.

I'm freakin' out that I'll have a one year more baby...a toddler, a month from today! We are so blessed to have this little healthy dude, who is growing and developing as he should, and I don't wish for it to be any other way, I just wish there was a way to go back in time and truly enjoy and indulge in the earlier stages of his life.

Lessons learned for next time, right?


Shanicherie said...

So stinking cute and sounds hilarious! I want to gnaw on those cute that ok? Don't report me.

Jude said...

Its soo crazy how fast time flies. He is freakin cute!
ps where did you find the fabulous rug?

Tiffany and Mike said...

He is so cute! I can't believe he is already 11 months. Time flies!

Hen Pecks said...

The picture? PRICELESS.


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