Monday, May 2, 2011

For the Man I Love

I have an incredibly selfless husband. He never asks for anything, and never complains. He also doesn't mind me buying things for Samson or myself. He also has full trust in me that I know what I'm doing with our finances. It helps that he wants nothing to do with them.

For the first time in my ever-loving life, I won a giveaway! Kalli gave away a $55 gift card to CSN Stores, and I WON IT! Bravo me! And!

Tadd mentioned he wouldn't mind a jogging stroller for his birthday in July (shocker...he always tells me he doesn't want anything) and thus began my research. After much questioning and review-reading, I found that the BOB stroller was the most ideal choice. Too dizamn bad they are so fetchin' expensive. So...I moved on.

I bought a Baby Trend jogging stroller at Burlington (to the whistlin' tune of $70), but something just kept me for opening the box and assembling it. Of course, all the while doing this for Tadd. (Do you know me but at all? I hate running. Get me in shape via yoga, ballet, swimming...nothing high impact. My poor achin' cankles.)

I continued searching on KSL, and then *ding* (lightbulb)! I remembered that fabulous CSN Stores website and my ever-lovin' gift card, and bada-bing-bada-boom...a BOB Revolution stroller for less than I've seen on KSL. Let's just say a brand new BOB stroller within the $200 range is just criminal. And the way my twisted brain works, it's actually $70 less than the listing price since I'm returning the other stroller.

Might I also thank that government organization I've been hearing so much about for our glorious tax return that has made this purchase possible.

Happy early birthday, Taddala!


Danielle, JK, Kendon & Boston said...

That is a steal if a deal! Your are such a nice wife! Im sure Tadd will love it!!

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

ok when I saw you post about a jogging stroller....I was like WHAT tHE!

kecia said...

uhhh you failed to mention the lovely man who helped you get that glorious refund!

Carole Ann & Jon said...

i LOVE my BOB! Great Choice! You will be in heaven!


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