Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Vi Vi

Violet girl turned one on May 9th, and Whitney had a little party for her the day before on Mother's Day. Kinda fitting, since Whitney spent last Mother's Day in the hospital with her little newborn flower.

Haley made Violet a violet tutu!

The birthday girl's throne.

Sam totally dug eating at the table with all the adults. Sandwiched between Jon and Whitney. And those fries...all over those babies.
And I have no idea what set him off...

A little discovery toy from Grandma.

You may think that Violet looks so excited over her new swimsuit, but if you enlarge the pic you'll see that she's yawning. She sooo has better things to do.

Like eat her cake!

Violet is such a loving, content, sweet little girl with a darling giggle and such pretty curls! So happy to have her in the family, and I LOVE that Samsy and Violy are so close in age. They'll be such good buddies!

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