Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PNTBCWYS (Secret Code)

Celina, the queen of internet surfing, found this craft, and one night while her Mr. was at work late we attempted it, and it was a success!

First run bracelet called for the cheapest hex nuts, and a can of gold spray paint. Second run, we definitely sprung for the brass nuts, pullin' out all the stops over here! (I'm a total child, and giggled everytime we said "nuts" without a "hex"prefix. A child.)

Already got the next one started, you know...since we've had one million requests. Celebs even. Provo's B-Money, himself (I'm a total liar).

Mid paint...

Even with a clear coat the gold has begun to wear off, so I'll need to make myself a new third grade friendship bracelet. Celina, you?

Super pissed Blogger deleted Celina's bracelet post, how will we ever remember all the memories!?

Also attempted this one, and failed miserably. Multiple flashbacks of boondoggling in a rainy pavillion at 5th grade camp, and later walking around with half finished boondoggles safety pinned to my jeans. My, we 5th graders were cool.


Jenna said...


BMoney - who hasn't encountered, met, heard of or spent a time with him?!

c.e.l.i.n.a said...

MUAH ha ha ha ha ha....
PNTBCWYS is the best. I found some more....

Also my boondoggle is in a pile in my family room....FAIL.


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