Friday, May 20, 2011

Bits of May

I love when his jimjams get too small and they turn into knickers!

Favorite time of the day for the little monster

Um what!? No fear from this kid.

King of the Mountain!
So proud of himself.

Guess who's painting my fingernails?

Aunt Mally watched Sam one day while I was at the salon, and discovered he needed a little UV protection.

Sam crawled around Haley's house minding his own business when we found he had thrown up all over and somehow had smeared it all over his face. While we were taking his picture, we discovered he'd slipped a giant ring on his finger. Too funny!

Outside our pediatrician's office there was the prettiest blossoming tree, that we just had to stop and take a picture.

Nora was blessed the beginning of the month, and she looked so beautiful! I loved her little knit dress! Lindey and Corbin had a waffle bar afterward that was deeelicious!

The Mercer family

My two vested boyfriends. Lovey-love them!

I SO wish I had a picture of this story...

Sam is obsessed with the tub, and lately likes to open up the curtain whether anyone is in it or not (he also loves to spit his binkis in there). The other night after Tadd got home from work and I had left to the salon, he was showering and Sam was busy opening up the curtain and playing with the water. Sam kept reaching for the faucet and eventually tipped over into the tub while the shower was running! I guess he just thought it was so funny! So sad I missed that one!

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