Friday, September 3, 2010

Quarter of a Century

I feel old. When Tadd and I got married, he was turning 25 that year, just a month or so after our wedding. I was marrying an OLD man.

Am I seriously already the same age my husband was when we got married? Where the freak has the time gone? Next year, I'll be closer to 30 than 20...bring on the depression.

A few highlights from the day:
Some sleeping in
(brought on by me suggesting Tadd wake up at 7 and feed Samsizzle, how self-deserving am I...)
Lunch with my boys
Inception with Tadd while Jon and Hells watched the child
Dinner at the Halls
Getting to fawn over my little Addie Lou
Tadd's softball game, where I gazed at the following for much of the event

The little stud slept through the whole thing, and still went right to bed when we got home. What a fabulous gift.

He's attempting to tell you he thinks his mom is #1.

Tadd's family celebrated the August birthdays a few days later, so Tysen and I had the pleasure of celebrating our happy days together.
Notice my "cake"? Genius. And yes, I consumed that entire half of watermelon within two days.

A few unphotographed tidbits:
My oh so generous gift of a video camera from el husbandero
Lunch with my sissies the next day
Lunch with my mom and sissies (double time!) the following week
A truly gorgeous skillet, knives and other cooking utensils from mama dear and papa dear (with help from whit dear)
Mini cupcakes from The Chocolate

Happy birthday to me! And thank you to all that made it a special one!

P.S: we've finally joined all you humanoids in the 21st century
with a working computer and internet. Huzzah!


Kalli Ko said...

hooray and a happy birthday to you!!

he's so sweet, I hope you love that car seat, we have the same one.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great week!


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