Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recent Happenings Somewhat Worth Noting

Samson enjoys the shenanigans of Serena and Blair.

He gets a little wild while we dress him. And look at those thighs!

I eat watermelon for many of my meals while it's still in season.

My fam had pictures taken by the fabulous Ashley Thalman, and some inappropriate things were said worth documenting via said photo.

Awww, who doesn't love a sleeping baby?

The babe and I take to the streets for a walk to 7-11 for the daily Diet Coke. And...I have bags under my eyes. Why? This little one has been gifting me full nights of sleep since he was seven weeks old. I have no excuse.

And he gets chubbier by the day. Representing his inactive (preferred word for unemployed-by-firehouse) firefighter-daddy. 'Tis best for us to complete the paramedic program before really starting firehouse applications.

What about this photo should make me want to cook dinner more often?

Wondering why I came in to take his photo and not pick him up. He and IceBat needed a longer nap.

What should've happened this week? The ever-dreaded act of shampooing of my hair. Alas, I am too lazy.


Ryan + Jess said...

Ok he is so handsome. And sleeping through the night like a champ. Lucky you!!

Haley said...

Um....hate that weird bat. Do like that boy. And glad you are starting him on Gossip Girl. Hopefully it will help him with the ladies someday.

Sparks said...

You don't like Secret Mission IceBat? Haley, you obviously don't understand what little boys need--a companion for their clandestine ninja missions. That's why I bought it for him. (It's my favorite Ugly Doll.)

Andrea said...

You look great and he's so cute!

[Morgan] said...

oh yes, look at THOSE thighs!


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