Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Vi

Samson's cousin, Violet, was blessed August 1st, and boy did she look beautiful! We just love this little girl, and can't wait for the two babes to begin interacting with each other!

Samson's first Sunday at church. Isn't he looking dapper?

There was the most amazing sunset that evening, so we spent some time out on our porch enjoying it. Or rather, I enjoyed it. Samson...not so much.
I'm going to miss summer! Actually, let's not talk about it, I get way too depressed...


Taft and Carrie said...

He's got a stinkin cute sad face.

Steph said...

Um...k I'm going to starve myself the rest of the day. You look AMAZING. How is that possible to have your waist back already? Wow. Your babe is a punkin'! Glad I got caught up on your blog today.


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