Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Yes, Awwwl Boats"

Nick's parents have bettered our lives. They purchased a boat this year, and have been kind enough to let us go out with them (or with Nick and Mal) for some boating fun! I haven't tried anything beyond tubing, and boy did it kick my butt! The first time we went, every bit of me was sore by that evening!

I really only got pictures of little Miss Addie since she's so freaking cute!

Adds and her momma

She was certainly outfitted for the excursion!

Jon took Addie out on the tube (going like 2 mph) and she loved it!
I'm excited to one day take Samson out when he's old enough!


Haley said...

K, love this post. Love my baby girl. She is so freaking cute.

Sparks said...

I'm looking forward to Adds learning the same kind of tricks that het mother did with Rick Maw.


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