Friday, July 16, 2010

So, to begin with the catch-up...

With both of our families being from Provo, Samson was lucky enough to have many visitors in the hospital. He was such a rockstar with all his fans!

We only got a few pictures of his fan base...a lot more family came, and a few of our good friends as well!

Grandma Camme

Aunt Lo and Aunt Hells. Completely smitten. But how could you not be?

Cousin Jack

Cousin Kyra

Cousin Ava

Cousins Griffin and Crew

Aunt Shaley

Aunt Tysen. Her little Lyla is almost exactly 3 months older than Samson. These two are going to be great buds!

Grandpa Jack

Cousin Adrie and Uncle Kris
Uncle Kris was out of town when Samson made his big debut, so their family came over the Sunday after we brought him home.

Just a few of the many visitors!

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